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Buy the full version of the game. Its just demo

oooooh ok thnks

3455621$ make it 

This should be entitled as "Door Demo", the game itself was interesting to play and it was fun to try to solve the puzzles, not all of them have the subtle hints the other doors do and also if you solve one side and then fail the other it resets them all which was a little bit tedious.

 It would of been nice to see a little more gameplay out of it and maybe a little more interactions like if a door was locked it should let you know why you could not access it so the player has a little more direction, aside from that a fun little experience.


Graphics were good, it's fun to play. Nobody ever beat it, it's just guessing sometimes. Is there any guide to how beat it? What was in the end? Will you update the game?


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Hey guys! I completed the first level and second level but afterwards it wouldn’t let me go to the third level sadly. I was enjoying the game until then. Still enjoyed it though. I recently did a walkthrough on my channel. Let me know how I can improve myself and the channel please guys. Thanks for the love 😁🐶👊🏼 Which Door will you choose?

how do i launch 

I may be just being stupid thou


It is a .rar file. I don't know how to do it on a mac, but this is how you do it on windows:

After you download the file, find the file in file explorer. Right click the file, then click the button that says "Extract all"

This will bring the files together so you can play the game.

Thanks for this, I recently covered this in a "3 games 1 video" episode, check it out:

Looks cool but (while I have a Windows computer) I mainly play on Mac. Will there ever be a Mac release?


This game is very nice and I loved it but, this is a demo version right? I have watched some videos were they can open the metal and stone doors and they can play the game in "einstain" mode. I would be pleased to know if this is a demo or is it an error in my computer or in my download. Thanks

Ох уж этот Чибиси

I liked this game very much! It reminded me of The Witness in how you have to look around the environment for clues. Sadly, I couldn't get the rock or the big metal door to open. However, it was a nice experience of "Ah-ha!" moments.


Hi! I really like your game and I would love to contact you to hopefully collaborate and help out with the development! Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to contact you. May I have you e-mail address at least?

Very unique game idea! I really enjoyed this!

Really interesting puzzles and concept! So many secrets and so many doors! 

Gave it a go...

Deleted 3 years ago

when I tried  to extract the files it said open with what do I do?


you open the door

Ohh that makes so much sence!!

This game looks really neat! Will there be a release on Linux?

Bro, I could not beat this game. Like this gotta be some einstein game or something. But I absoulty loved it, I have to say this is the first Puzzle game I could not beat! 


Door really makes you think. It starts off easy enough the sign tells you what door you need to pick to progess on to the next round of doors. It gradually gets harder and, harder to where you really are using your brain and, descision making skills to figure out what the correct door is. Sometime even second guessing yourself.

Really enjoyed it, can't wait for the full release. It was very diffulcult to solve some of the puzzles, because each one has suche a unique way of solving them.

na moral q jogo sem logica, vtnc! isso é pior q a questao da vó vera na obmep puta merda

I beat the game that you let me download. I am ready to stab someone. 

Have you ever wondered what lies behind door number one? More doors!

Sometimes games make me feel dumb, today I feel dumb. Door reminds me that I have to brush up on my puzzle skills!

Nice game, loved the models! Too bad that we can't go that far in the game, hoping for an update :D

Love the artstyle! Did you figure that out by yourself or did you have some kind of source?

Looks Awesome! Is there any chance you could make it for Mac?


Um, I have a bit of a problem; when i launch the game I instantly get fatal error "Failed to load mono". If anyone is willing to help Ill be very grateful.

Hi, I know what you're struggling with, look up "WinRAR" download either the 64 or 32 bit and when you click it tap open with WinRAR and then it should bring you to a normal file, click the game and you're set to play

Such an interesting game, can't wait for other doors and a possible ending!

My gameplay:

Very nice and challenging, I hope there will be checkpoints in the finished game. Nice job!

Nice little puzzle game, however the end is weird as there is no indication of such. Both final doors just stay closed.

This was great fun, it's nice to have a game that makes you think outside the box like this!

There were a couple of instances where I didn't figure things out right away and just kinda lucked my way through, but after a couple of times I started seeing patterns and things I didn't see before. Very clever little game, looking forward to seeing the other zones when they're completed =)

Keep up the awesome work!

I managed to eventually solve both "ends" (after many tries and enjoying the puzzle), but it seems I'm now stuck. At one end, through the doors with the forest/greenery, there's a closed door of some sort and a green light, while at "desert" end there's a similar sort of door with a red light.  It doesn't feel like the game is quite intended to end here, but at the same time, I can't find anything to interact with to try and continue. Any hints?

This is the end, because its demo version only. All puzzles will be in the full version on steam.

Oh I see, thank you.

Yes I had the same issue, if you could add some sort of cue to know that the demo is finished could be cool. I tried stuff for 10-15 minutes and was afraid to read the comment for possible spoilers. I enjoyed it very much!