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great game we get here. but i cant press that restart button after i got wrong in door selection

It's so good to see DOOR return with a sequel! And this time there's so much more depth to the puzzle-solving!

The premise of DOOR2 is simple enough. Enter a world where you have 4 choices at every turn, and if you choose wrong then you have to start again! You're presented with 4 doors, and a clue as to which one to walk through, and if you get your brain muscles working the right way you can progress and see more of this open(ish)-world map and dig up clues as to who and where you are and what you're doing there!

The ending leaves things tantalizingly in the balance, and I really do hope we get to see more of the story! It's a little Portal-esque, with less physics and more brain training.

So if you're feeling up for a bit of puzzle-solving, head-scratching and subversive AI shenanigans, get this downloaded and give it a whirl (and the first one too!).

Thanks for another great game, SVGames, keep up the awesome work! =)

Dear developer, please add daynight cycle. Also i can not pause game with esc button.

I can go to upstairs with repeatedly walking

Dear developer, configuration window can not be minimized. i can not minimize game with windows start button on keyboard. I can not click yes button to restart game. Player can not jump. I can not crouch with ctrl button. I can not set graphics options in the game. Playstation 3 gamepad was not tested. God bless you.